Resilience … It’s the thing that won us wars!

LifeForward Insights Resilience

This article, produced by LifeForward Ltd, our UK associate, looks at how to go about making the best of things during periods of uncertainty, such as COVID. With the new Year of the Ox approaching, we thought this very fitting, given that resilience is one of the key strengths of the Ox. Please read the […]

Getting Unstuck – CBT, virtual meetings and more

Getting unstuck

Do you need get If so, take a look at the helpful article “Getting Unstuck – CBT, virtual meetings and more” published by LifeForward Ltd, our UK associate.  The article explores some of the issues our clients have experienced as a result of virtual working for a period of several months, explores behaviour as a […]

Business Coaching for the New Normal #2 Meetings

Business Coaching #2 Meetings

What is the “New Normal” for Meetings? Business Coaching for the “new normal” can help businesses adapt and create an inspiring vision for the future. Chatting with business contacts and friends over the last month, most people seem to be suffering from virtual meeting/virtual drinks fatigue and are welcoming  easing of restrictions on social distancing. […]

Insights Discovery in the virtual world

Working in a virtual team

Now available as virtual workshops, LifeForward offers Insights Discovery for individuals, teams and leaders. Come and talk to us about working with Insights Discovery to enhance virtual team performance and lead your business into the “new normal”. Working with Insights® helps us to understand our unique perception of the world, improve self-awareness and enhance our ability to […]

Business Coaching for the New Normal

LifeForward Business Coaching

Amidst the rapid and dramatic changes over the last few months, there is an opportunity to maximise the “new normal”. With the future uncertain, many businesses have had to adapt rapidly to new ways of working during the pandemic, operating virtually and delivering products and services safely.  Going forward, some of these new practices may […]

Sarah Reynolds – Professional Certified Coach

Sarah Reynolds PCC

LifeForward Pte Ltd is pleased to announce that Sarah Reynolds, Founder and CEO, attained her Professional Certified Coach qualification at the end of 2019. The International Coach Federation welcomes coaches as members as soon as they have completed a recognised coaching qualification. Sarah became a member in 2014 and attained ACC in 2016, having completed her first 100 hours of coaching. To reach PCC level, the […]

Complimentary coaching chemistry meeting

Thinking about coaching? Come and chat to us. With Chinese New Year approaching, it may be time to reflect upon and refresh your current views for the year ahead.    Whether it’s for a business or personal need, working with a coach can bring clarity of thought, better self-awareness and development and a clearer sense […]

LifeForward Had an Energetic Evening in Singapore

LifeForward supporting our associate Camelot Trust Pte. LifeForward had an energetic evening in Singapore on 30th November 2019. Sarah Reynolds participated as a team member in one of three teams entered in the Singapore Ekiden Team Marathon by our associate, Camelot Trust Pte Ltd. The team event was great fun – with 5 in each […]