Business Coaching

The pace of change today presents real opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt. But this also brings challenges. There may now be a need to adapt products and services, delivery models, talent strategy and use of technology to improve efficiency and maintain competitive edge.

Providing Business Coaching to businesses and organisations, LifeForward works alongside key stakeholders, both individually and in teams, to articulate a vision and develop a clear strategy for the future in order to achieve goals, address challenges and meet ambitious business objectives.

Step 1 ~ Articulate a vision

In a rapidly changing world, driven by technological advancement, businesses need to look to the future and embrace the opportunities ahead.

Step 2 ~ Assess the current situation

A realistic assessment of the business requires honest, open dialogue and leadership self-awareness.  Listening to feedback and observations from managers and teams is critical.

Step 3 ~ Identify barriers to change

Identify any threats to the business. What behaviours and practices are limiting potential? How can stakeholders approach these situations to achieve a positive outcome?

Step 4 ~ Develop a strategic plan

A good business strategy will articulate a high-level plan which covers all aspects of the business, critical or otherwise. Detailed month-by-month actions, KPIs and objectives can then be defined.

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