Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves working through a situation with a neutral partner, such as the coach, who is an objective observer removed from the workplace, helps to bring clarity of thought, develop confidence to move forward and build required capabilities to fulfil our potential.

LifeForward’s one-to-one executive coaching is empathetic and challenging. We combine listening, questioning, observing and feedback to improve self-awareness, help change thinking and behaviour and create opportunities for on-going self-development.

Step 1 ~ Where are you now?

A realistic assessment of one’s current position is a good starting point for personal development. This requires honesty with oneself, self-reflection and self-awareness.

Step 2 ~ What are your goals and aspirations

Identifying goals and aspirations helps give direction and meaning to what we do. Aligning personal and business goals ensure positive engagement at work and a balance in life.

Step 3 ~ What is stopping you moving forward?

Limiting behaviours and beliefs are often hard to identify and even harder to change. Getting to the root cause of a problem is a critical first step in solving it.

Step 4 ~ What do you need to differently?

Changing habitual behaviours takes practice, enabling the brain to create new connections and allowing new desired patterns of behaviour to become the norm.

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