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Executive coaching involves working through a situation with a neutral partner, such as the coach, who is an objective observer removed from the workplace.  This helps to bring clarity of thought, develop confidence to move forward and build required capabilities to fulfil potential.

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LifeForward’s one-to-one executive coaching is empathetic and challenging. We combine listening, questioning, observing and feedback to improve self-awareness, help change thinking and behaviour and create opportunities for ongoing self-development.

Our passion is to enable clients to achieve their goals through motivation, clarity of purpose and a clear direction.

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If you are thinking about working with a coach, knowing where to start can be a challenge. The best way to choose a coach is to talk to them first. This is why we always offer a free "chemistry" session to our potential clients before they decide to work with us.

Executive Coaching is a powerful tool for personal development because it focuses on specific solutions that work at an individual level. Executive coaching can help:

  • Build confidence;
  • Develop strategic thinking and attitudes to risk management;
  • Clients adapt to change more quickly and become more agile;
  • Set clear, achievable goals and create an action plan to move forward and bring about change.


Leadership Coaching helps leaders build on their personal strengths and address their blindspots to become well-rounded, influential leaders in their organisation. Leadership coaching can help:

  • Leaders to develop their emotional intelligence;
  • Build critical skills such as eminence, executive presence, innovative thinking, conflict resolution and change management;
  • Create strategic goals to support the business in the future.
  • Build a resilient appraoch to leadership for the current challenging environment.


Our Global Coaching programme has two aspects: leading a global team and international assignments,  Drawing on our own experiences of relocating and working overseas, consulting with experts and bringing together valuable tools and resources in one unique offering, we provide coaching to support global leaders and individuals relocating overseas in order to excel in a multi-cultural environment.

Frequently asked questions

Although LifeForward’s executive coaching is business-focused, the coaching includes anything that our client brings to the table. By its nature, coaching may cover anything that affects thinking and behaviour. It may include: overall wellbeing; commitments that absorb time and energy outside work (eg family, charitable roles, sport, hobbies and so on); significant life changes such as personal relationships or business secondments; and the impact of personal decisions on work, or vice versa.

Therefore, there is no clear line between executive coaching and life coaching. As coaches, we work with whatever arises during the sessions and our coaching is tailor-made to individual needs.

When working in an organisational setting, we make sure everyone – the organisational sponsor, the coachee and ourselves as coach – is in agreement as to the purpose and objectives of the coaching engagement. We also ensure that everyone understands the confidentiality of the coach-client relationship with respect to the individual being coached. As Professional Certified Coaches with the International Coach Federation we implement fully their Code of Ethics.

As a result, we  build trusted relationships with both the organisation and our individual coaching clients.

Recognising that a significant number of international assignments do not achieve their objectives, often resulting in the assignee departing from an organisation, LifeForward offers a specific coaching programme to support assignees and the needs of the business at all stages of the international assignment. We work with both the individual and the organisation before the assignment starts, on arrival, during the secondment overseas and also when preparing to return home.

We focus on clear goals and objectives, personal impact and preparation, cultural awareness and many other aspects which may be critical to success.

“The coaching sessions have taught me how to view my business problems from a different perspective; particularly on how to view problems and solve them as a leader. As part of my leadership training you have also taught me how I should approach different people with different business chemistry in order to have effective relationships. Most of all, your coaching instilled the confidence for the LEAD program to be a partner at Deloitte.”

New Partner, Deloitte LLP, Singapore

LifeForward Power of Coaching

Step 1 ~ Where are you now?

A realistic assessment of one’s current position is a good starting point for personal development. This requires honesty with oneself, self-reflection and self-awareness.

Step 2 ~ What are your goals and aspirations?

Identifying goals and aspirations helps give direction and meaning to what we do. Aligning personal and business goals ensures positive engagement at work and a balance in life.

Step 3 ~ What is stopping you moving forward?

Limiting behaviours and beliefs are often hard to identify and even harder to change. Getting to the root cause of a problem is a critical first step towards solving it.

Step 4 ~ What do you need to differently?

Changing habitual behaviours takes practice, enabling the brain to create new connections and allowing new desired patterns of behaviour to become the norm.

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