Insights Discovery in the virtual world

Now available as virtual workshops, LifeForward offers Insights Discovery for individuals, teams and leaders. Come and talk to us about working with Insights Discovery to enhance virtual team performance and lead your business into the “new normal”. Working with Insights® helps us to understand our unique perception of the world, improve self-awareness and enhance our ability to communicate, motivate and lead those around us.

Working in a virtual team
How do you use your colour energies to support your team?

Now, more than ever, we can leverage awareness of our own Insights Discovery® colour energy preferences to enhance our virtual communication leading and working in teams. Flexing our preferred style to accommodate others’ preferences enables us to lead, support and motivate others through the current uncertainty and changes ahead.

We offer Introduction to Insights Discovery, Working in a Virtual Team, and Leading in a Virtual Environment as blended learning. We have some great pre-course introductory resources and its of engaging ideas and exercises to keep Insights Discovery alive as teams work together in the future.

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