Leadership Development

LifeForward’s leadership development programmes help leaders excel. We enable individuals and leadership teams to gain confidence to lead with authenticity and vision. 

At LifeForward we work with leaders to develop new skills such as strategic planning, business development, eminence building, change management and personal impact to help them manage the transition from management to leadership. Our  leadership development programmes incorporate workshops, executive coaching and Insights Discovery® to help leaders develop their capabilities, target critical skills and identify areas for development.


Personal Growth

Leaders can increase their competency by developing greater self-awareness. Such self-assessment enables leaders to understand their strengths but also know when to ask for help.

Building Teams

Internal conflict within teams, particularly within the leadership team, can have a negative impact on the whole organisation, reducing productivity and creating a poor work environment.

Building the Business

Leaders need to set aside time for strategic thinking and planning in order to build a vision and strategy for future growth, allowing their competent managers to handle daily operations.


Leaders must be able to communicate effectively with both teams and clients. Communication is most effective when each party can address alternative perceptions and adapt to the other’s preferred communication styles.

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