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Insights Discovery colour champions

Now available as virtual workshops, LifeForward offers Insights Discovery for individuals, teams and leaders. Come and talk to us about working with Insights Discovery to enhance virtual team performance and lead your business into the “new normal” ahead of us.

Amidst the rapid and dramatic changes over the last few months, there is an opportunity to maximise the “new normal”.

Sarah Reynolds, already an Associate Certified Coach, attained the next level of qualification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

Author: Sarah Reynolds

The New Year is often a time for self-reflection and making new plans. Have you ever thought about the powerful benefits of executive coaching in supporting this process?  At LifeForward we offer a free coaching chemistry meeting to help you understand more about this unique technique. Read more about this offer.

Author: Sarah Reynolds

On 30th November 2019, Sarah Reynolds participated in the Ekiden Team Marathon, supporting our associate Camelot Trust Pte Ltd. 

Author: Sarah Reynolds

Published in Orient Issue 74, (The official magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore), we explore the challenges for contemporary leaders and our experience of how executive coaching can help.

Author: Sarah Reynolds

Partner assessment processes can be stressful and confusing at times. We describe how executive coaching support at this critical time was helpful in a major Singapore accountancy firm.   

Author: Sarah Reynolds


Interesting Articles from Our Wider Network

We work with Insights Discovery as a personality profiling tool to support self-awareness. In this article we explore how your Insights Discovery colour energies might suggest what car, animal or activity you might be. 

Author: Sarah Reynolds

Insights Discovery uses four colour energies to model our behavioural preferences, each with strengths and challenges. We tend to have a preference for one or two, but actually all colours impact our behaviours to some extent. Here we take a closer look at how these colours might help you support your team.

Author: Dr Kevin Holmes

This is a phrase that many people would agree with, but have you ever wondered what it really means? In this article we examine the definition of mindset, look at how it influences our view of the world and suggest how coaching can support us to break out of a limiting mindset.

Author: Dr Kevin Holmes

You are cast adrift in a lifeboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Survival is key. In such a dramatic situation, who would you like with you in that lifeboat – and why? This short article gives some food-for-thought on team-work and the importance of context to your decisions.

Author: Tessa Gatti

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