Online Courses, Workshops and Coaching

Online Courses, Workshops and Coaching

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Resilience and Stress Management

Is resilience something we are born with? Is it genetic?  Or is it a skill to be learnt, something that we develop as we grow?  As leaders and teams alike are feeling the strain of continued restrictions and uncertainty around COVID, we have been helping clients to build resilience and develop strategies to manage stress in themselves and others.

Personal resilience helps us cope with the rapidly changing and uncertain world around us.  It widens our choices and improves our flexibility of response.

When we are resilient (as opposed to “stressed”), we see more possibilities and feel able to act.  It is easier to maintain a positive mindset; factors such as creativity, interaction and engagement and the quality of decision-making are improved.

We offer workshops and one-to-one coaching to help build a personal resilience strategy

Long-term stress can have a negative physical, cognitive and emotional impact on well-being.  Therefore, building our ability to identify both the causes of stress and how it affects us, in order to better manage stress, is an important element of managing a demanding career.

We can help you build awareness of stress triggers for yourself and others, explore stress management approaches and put in place a personal stress management plan.  Available as virtual workshops or as one-to-one sessions.

Personal Development

We offer virtual workshops and one-to-one online coaching to improve:

  • self-awareness
  • awareness and understanding of others
  • adapting and connecting with your colleagues, family and friends


Leadership Development

In addition to core competencies such as self-awareness, communication, adaptability and empathy, influencing and inspiring, we help leaders with their critical areas of focus, such as strategic planning, business development, eminence building, change management and personal impact.  This helps them to manage the transition from management to leadership.

Find out more about leadership development here.

Focus on personal development goals and objectives, self-awareness, self-management and positive thinking.  One-to-one personal coaching is tailored to you.

A series of small workshops or one-to-one sessions will help you develop your understanding of resilience and stress in order to build a personal resilience strategy to manage stress, well-being and maintain a positive outlook.  

Leaders today are facing new challenges in a rapidly changing environment.  They need to be adaptable and flexible, supporting their teams through times of stress whilst simultaneously creating a vision for the future that embraces the “new normal” and motivates and engages their teams.  Working one-to-one with an experienced coach enables leaders to focus on personal development, leadership competencies and business goals and objectives.

Team Development

We work with teams to raise awareness of strengths and respect differences.  This improves communication and adaptability, enabling team members to focus on high performance.

Look at resilience and stress through the team colour lens. Develop strategies to support each other and recognise others’ stress triggers and responses.

Focus on team goals and objectives through both group and one-to-one coaching sessions.  Work with a qualified team coach to identify obstacles to high performance.

Find out more about team coaching here.

Focus on team effectiveness in a flexible work environment.  Agree team goals and objectives, communication strategies and ways of working together (the team charter).

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We have offices in Europe and – through our associate LifeForward Pte Ltd –  in South-East Asia.

With offsite venues on two continents, LifeForward brings leadership, team and personal development to you wherever you are.

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